about us

As a family, we have started Emosha's in 2019 to be the leading source for healthy living in Egypt. It all started when We had no idea about our food sensitivities. Like everyone, we relied on the corporate dairy & gluten sector to provide us with apparently healthy dairy products. We suffered from different kinds of allergies and was clueless about our diet issues. Not knowing what to do, we took a sort of medical treatment but that did not help at all.

As we reached adulthood, we educated ourselves on our sensitivities, such as cow milk indigestibility and gluten intolerance. We realized that, like many people around us, we had moderate reactions to synthetic additives, hydrogenated foods, and GMO-infested products. All these years of trouble finally led  us to drop such artificial dairy products & gluten products.

No one can deny the importance of healthy living. While there are multiple choices of foods to choose from, it can be difficult to find the healthiest option. We too have faced this struggle quite often. Hence, we initiated this start-up to provide a service for those looking. We wanted to ensure that there was a reliable option for consumers looking for fresh and healthy food!

we wanted to ensure that we are eating healthy, clean, allergic free food. It was a challenge finding gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, chemical-free, organic, GMO-free, pesticide-free products. We also wanted to create a healthy home environment and learn more about how to respect the environment.

Being organic local producers since 2015, the small family of Emosha has decided to spread the culture of healthy living in Egypt. We hope the same culture spreads in the whole world.  

Our target is simple….

Produce and provide families with healthy, tasty, allergic free, chemical-free, High quality, day-to-day supermarket items and spread this culture.

Support the small local farms and entrepreneurs. We – whenever possible – develop and depend on local partners. We do marketing, sales, and distribution for them, pay them cash with very good payment terms, and we ask them to focus on improving and increasing their production. This doesn’t just support the economy but also reduces our carbon footprint.

We started an online platform to provide the Egyptian society with healthy food and home items that helps health-conscious families to find all that they need in one place in an easy and convenient manner. You receive your order at your doorstep.

We strive to deliver quality products to the families that trust us. Our quality standard is clear; we will sell what we consume ourselves. Wherever we go or operate, we always want to ensure we are environment friendly and that all the living creatures, including the animals we sell around us are safe, well-treated, and respected.

We hope that our small family business can make a change in the lives of many families around the globe.

We conduct our production, packaging, and distribution processes in a bacteria-free environment and deliver the products safely to everybody’s doorstep. Our fresh and nutritious line of products include:

· Dairy Products:

Kefir, butter and ghee, cheese, milk and yogurt.

·   Meat and Poultry:

Poultry, beef & sheep

· Other items:

Desserts, natural raw honey, fruits, veggies & fermented foods

Now, every product that our customers get from Emosha's Farms comes with our assurance and promise of original quality. In an industry that relies on artificial means to produce more and extend shelf life of their products, our products are free from all additives and preservatives.